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The Nevada Garden Clubs, Inc. offers an annual scholarship to qualified college students. The deadline for application is February 1 of each year. Please click here to go to our Scholarships page to download the forms.

We Want NEVADA on Flickr

Share your garden club pictures with the world. Send pictures of your Blue Star Memorial plantings and dedications; your flower shows; your daffodil plantings; your civic beautification projects; your aquatic eco-systems projects; your Plantings for Public & Special Places projects; your glorious hydrangeas (President Shirley’s favorite flower); your Arbor Day plantings; the list is long. Be sure to identify the club or district and the location.

We’d like a monthly feature of a garden club’s project – so send a series of 6-10 pictures of your club’s project.

Mostly we want Nevada represented. Send pictures to Robin Pokorski at Then visit the site ( and find pictures for your newsletters and flyers and ideas for projects and plantings and staging and, and, and – it’s all there for you.
If you have questions, please contact Kristie Livreri.

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